Rave reviews for Leg Magic® X

Listen to other people's stories and the results they've experienced with Leg Magic® X!

"I've done it for six weeks now. My physical therapist… sees great improvement."

Jerry & Fran

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"It's given us the strength and confidence to do things we enjoy doing together."

Deborah & Michael

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They tried it. They loved it! Real reactions from first-time users.

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"In the first week, I felt stronger, just in walking. I noticed a difference."

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“My doctor said I needed to build muscle…my legs felt stronger in just 4 weeks.”

“Combined with a healthy diet, I lost 5lbs after using it for just 2 short weeks!”


"The people in the group that we tested loved the Leg Magic® X. They all enjoyed working with it, they were diligent with it because it was easy to use and it was effective.  I was amazed to see the difference in strength and balance on all the participants beyond my expectations."
- Dr. Joel Scherr, PT, DPT, OCS