Product FAQs

How effective is Leg Magic® X?
It depends on the person, EMG Tests show up to 400% increase in muscle activity and up to 77% increase in blood flow. Users report: “My legs and waist got stronger after training on the Leg Magic® X, and now I can run easily”.

How many times a day should I use the Leg Magic® X?
We recommend a few times a day. Please work out at your own pace. It is important to do this every day, even if it is just a little bit at a time.

Can I use it as the rehabilitation tool?
Leg Magic® X is not a medical tool. You should not use it for the purpose of rehabilitation. It is a strength training machine. Consult your physician before using the Leg Magic® X if you have any physical limitations.

I am taking medication, but can I use it?
We recommend that you consult your physician before any type of exercise as we are not familiar with your medical record and we are not in the position to say whether you can or cannot use it.

Is the Leg Magic® X noisy?
The movement of opening and closing your legs is the only noise. With the improved Xtra Resistance Spring Technology the Leg Magic® X is usually very quite and provides low impact comfortable glide that is easy on the hips, knees and ankles.

What are the Adjustable Gliders and Power Blocks?
The Power Blocks attach to the base of your Leg Magic® X and increase the incline of the glide. This increases resistance and is a great way to make the Leg Magic® X workout even more effective. The Adjustable Gliders limits your gliding motion on the machine to gives you an easier workout. When used together, you can go from beginner to advance with the Gliders and Power Blocks.

How heavy is the Leg Magic® X?
The main unit weights about 20 pounds. It is easy to lift because you just have to grab the handle to lift it, but please be careful when you carry it. It weighs about the same as a small dog.

What is the size of the Leg Magic® X?
The Leg Magic® X is perfect for anywhere in your home. And, it folds for easy storage. When in use the Leg Magic® is 49"h x 42. 1"w x 18.3"d. Folded for storage the unit is only 27"h x 10.8"w x 18.3"d.

Is there any height limit or weight limit?
The unit has six height settings. The highest setting is for people with a hip height of 39 inches. The unit is designed to accommodate 250lbs of weight and has been tested up to 300lbs safely.

Will Leg Magic® X damage my floor or carpet?
The weight of the unit is about 20 pounds in addition to your body weight. It is designed to not damage your floor or carpet. We do recommend that you use the specially designed floor Protection Mat to avoid potential wear after prolonged use.

Does Leg Magic® X need to be assembled?
Assembly is quick and easy. You can go from box to workout in about 5 minutes. Everything you need for assembly is included in the box and set up takes only few simple steps.

Who should NOT use Leg Magic® X.
Leg Magic® X is designed for people over 16 years old and who are in generally healthy condition. There is no age limit. Please consult your doctor if you have a medical condition before using Leg Magic® X. Please click for a list of restrictions